Vickie Williams Bio

Hi, I’m Vickie, the Staffordshire Bull terrier. I’m the CEO of Staffordshire Home Advisors, although my parents might not think so.

When I was 5, my first daddy had to leave to heaven. And that’s when my new parents realized they needed a deputy at the office and a debutante for advancing their social life, you know, to show them the ropes.

They say that I’m their Director Of Security, but that’s just my hobby. You know, for me it’s just a natural talent as I really run the show. But since they feed me, I let them think I’m just cute.

It’s good to meet you. I assure you, if you give us a chance to work with you on your Home Inspection process, we will prove we are here to secure for you the facts required for making the best decision possible for your next home. And we all know, The Home Is Where Love Resides…

Love Vickie

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