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Want to find out the true cost of repairing any deficient items on your inspection report? Use our handy tool below to get started!

It can only be one of two or both: you want to renovate your home to sell or rent out, or you simply want to improve it for your own use. Either way, you are seeking to work within a set budget. The cost of repairs should compensate for its declared value should you decide to sell it.

Let’s learn about developing expertise in setting a reasonable estimate for your homes rehabilitation costs.

Why You Need a Repair Estimate in Canton, GA?

The biggest mistake that new investors commonly make is making wrong repair costs. The usual repairs involve those with roofs, plumbing, and HVAC replacements. Additionally, homeowners may also perform some minor cosmetic enhancements relating to paint, new flooring, and current fixtures. Most of the time, those who tend to overestimate repair costs are doing so out of ignorance. Both buyers and homeowners should know that in underestimating repair costs, you’re well on your way to investment failure.

When you underestimate the expenses involved in home rehabilitation, you’ll spend more than your projected time on the task. But when you decide to resell it, your profit will be significantly lesser than you hoped. On the other and, when you overestimate the cost of a project, you can end up in bad luck. Sellers can reject your offer in place of a rival investor who estimates the actual costs more accurately. It’s hard to find good deals these days. All missed opportunities translate to lost profit.

How to Estimate Repair Costs Accurately in Canton?

In order to learn about estimating material costs correctly, you should canvass in your local stores and hardware shops. Additionally, you can educate yourself on labor costs by discussing with fellow investors and real estate professionals. You will learn about the most efficient contractors in your area. Build a network with your area’s local service providers and survey on their average labor rates. This can also create an opportunity to find those who are skilled in quality repairs with reasonable rates.

Here are some suggestions on making accurate repair estimates. Create a list of required materials. Tally a high and low price estimate for each one. For example:


With a comprehensive list, you have a guide on how much you will spend on the materials you will need for the renovation. You can do the same for the labor costs. Always remember to base your estimates on actual prices so you can get as close to the most accurate rates as possible.

In Canton, Georgia, repair estimates are fairly competitive but also friendly. A rule of thumb is to only spend a big budget on a house that you’re going to sell. This is because you will get your money back faster.

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