Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Home Inspection

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Most new home buyers don’t realize that there are crucial steps in home buying and that includes arranging for a home inspection. Some homeowners even wonder if it’s necessary or would only cost you an extra expense without anything in return. Skipping a home inspection is most likely a risk that will leave you regretting in the end.

Here are some important reasons why you shouldn’t skip a home inspection:


  1.   Bargaining leverage

They say knowledge is power. That is true with a home inspection. Since a home inspection reveals faults or even potential issues of the house, it gives you the bargaining power to ask for repairs or even a reduction in the price to compensate for the fixes. If you skip a professional home inspection, you are likely to negotiate blindly and seal the deal without knowing what you’re stepping into. Next thing you know, you’re paying for several repairs you were unaware of.

  1.   Safety purposes

The home should be a safe haven for you and your family. Not someplace that puts you at risk of health and safety issues. A professional home inspection will give you peace of mind, knowing that all major components and even the most minute of details have been carefully inspected by a trained eye. The home inspector will also check for carbon monoxide, mold, and radon. Apart from these hazardous materials, faulty wiring, missing shingles, and other structural issues are warning signs to not hastily close the deal.

  1.   Insurance purposes

Some insurance companies require certificates such as wind mitigation and a four-point inspection before one can finally be insured. Home insurance must also be one of your priorities and if you choose to have your home insured, a professional home inspection is necessary to get those certificates.

  1.   For Protection

Many would assume that a home inspection only sees the bad and ignores the good. The purpose of a home inspection is yes, to check for potential issues but also to highlight the positive ones and guide homeowners on how to keep the house safe. Having a detailed narrative report can help you save a lot of money down the road.

  1.   Forecasting future expenses

Another excellent reason why you should go for a home inspection is you get insightful knowledge about potential expenses. A good home inspector should be able to determine how long the system will last in your home and even the duration of some major appliances. This knowledge can help you plan your expenses and negotiate better with your seller.

  1.   Find deal breakers

It’s hard to let go of what you hoped for but it’s even harder to hold on with major problems along the way. The house you plan to purchase now may look perfectly fine on the outside. But, what if the inspection reveals a tantamount of problems? Are you ready to blindly accept the deal while there are major issues in electrical wiring, plumbing systems, HVAC and so much more? If that’s the case, perhaps it’s time to start moving on and just accept the fact that it’s not really going to work. The fixes may be done now but potential problems may still find their way later on.

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