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Marietta Home Inspection’s  9 Tips For You To Find A Quality Home Inspector

You’ve been eyeing the home of your dreams now but you still can’t close the deal. You still need to have a home inspection because what otherwise things should you do to protect your investment? Well, the question is, how do you find an inspector who can help me protect your investment?

Home inspectors claim to be home buying or selling advocates. But sometimes, it just wouldn’t be easy to randomly trust someone on your most-prized purchase. Ideally, your real estate agent will refer a licensed inspector but it’s good to reduce your dependence on your agent and find a good one on your own.

What’s good with having a home inspection by licensed professionals is that you see yourself through the eyes of a neutral third party. You can find issues that can help you decide whether to buy or not. As a seller, it can help you find problems before listing it on the market. A typical home inspection which lasts about 2 to 4 hours, covers all major components of the home including heating and cooling systems, electrical, plumbing, interior and exterior, garage, bath, kitchen and built-in appliances, walls, basement, crawl space, foundation, attic, and roof.

An inspection report will cover so much of the home that you start wondering how could one man possibly be an expert in so many things? Sounds impossible and truth is, some really don’t. But that is the very reason why a background check is important. Here are 9 tips for you to find the best home inspection in Marietta, GA or the best home inspector near you.


1. If you are a buyer, the first thing to do is look for a home inspector before you lookup for a home.

Choosing a home first will likely make you feel pressured to pick the very first home inspector you find.

2. Ask for recommendations.

Again, your agent will refer but you can also ask your friends and families or lookup for a list of local inspectors in the American Society of Home Inspectors website

3. Researching pays off.

Do in-depth research about the prospective inspectors such as their length of service, the type of report they provide, and even the number of inspections they have performed.

4. Look for an inspector with a broader knowledge of systems and structures, not just someone limited to electrical or plumbing.

5. You can check with the state agency to verify an inspector’s license and also check for records of complaints.

If your state does not regulate inspectors, look for other credentials such as an ASHI certification.

6. Read reviews and testimonials.

Some popular review websites include Yelp, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, and of course Google.

 7. You would definitely want an objective and independent home inspector and someone who is not affiliated especially with the real estate agency selling the home.

 8. Ask questions.

Make sure that the inspector is familiar with the type of house you plan to purchase. Houses vary in age, designs, and materials used so it’s especially important to understand should there be any special risks or signs you need to be on the lookout for.

 9. Last but not least, ask for a sample report so you have a rough idea of how he conducts the home inspection.

Choosing a home inspector who can deliver a comprehensive yet easy to understand report with plenty of reviews will definitely help you make an informed decision.

Bonus tip: Choose a home inspector that recommends having you around during the home inspection. That clearly shows his commitment to being transparent, neutral, and of course, being the home buying or selling advocate you need.



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